bed bug control

Don't Wake Up Itchy

Solve your problem for good with bed bug control in Jamaica & Brooklyn, NY | Serving The Greater New York Metro Area

If you've noticed small bite marks on your body or what looks like black pepper in your bed, you may be dealing with a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs release a neurotoxin when they bite you, which prevents you from feeling them and waking up. This means you may not even know you need bed bug treatment until the problem is already pretty severe.

Thorough Pest Control in Jamaica & Brooklyn, NY knows how to provide effective bed bug control. Hire us today to solve the problem once and for all.

Bed bugs could be hiding all over your home

When we think of beds bugs, most of us think of, well, the bed. But these pests can be hiding all over your home. That's why our technicians check all the cracks and crevices when we're completing bed bug treatment. We'll get rid of bed bugs that are:

  • On the corners of beds/mattresses
  • In box springs
  • In carpets
  • In cracks and behind baseboards
  • In light switches and power outlets
  • Behind picture frames
  • In curtains
  • In gaps in window frames

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Our Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs can be a nuisance. For bed bugs, our method utilizes residuals to get the maximum coverage. These allow us to target every nook and cranny, and have a long duration. When bed bugs come into contact with residuals it results in their death. If you want to learn more about our bed bug treatments, give us a call today!