roach control

No One Likes Roaches

Remove them with reliable roach control services in Jamaica & Brooklyn, NY | Serving The Greater New York Metro Area

Roach infestations are not limited to damp, littered or run-down homes. Any crack, crevice or void in any structure can become a gateway for a cockroach infestation, even the cleanest bathroom, kitchen or other interior human living spaces. Cockroaches typically hide in dark, damp, tight areas where the surface touches below and above their body.

With this in mind, you'll need a reliable company for roach control. Thorough Pest Control in Jamaica & Brooklyn, NY has over 30 years of industry experience, and we'd be happy to help you out. Schedule an appointment today to work with a preferred local business.

Your building isn't immune to roaches

Even if your building is completely spotless, you still may be vulnerable to a roach infestation. This is because cockroaches:

  • Are often hidden (if you see one, there are lots more hiding)
  • Can infest any building, no matter how clean
  • Can enter a building through the tiniest cracks and holes

Our roach control experts can solve the problem completely. We'll also seal off potential entrances to keep roaches from returning. Reach out today to kick those roaches out.

Our Roach Treatment

When you have or suspect there are roaches on your property, call us straight away. We will examine areas we know roaches are likely to be, and identify where they are currently residing. For roaches, we utilize gels, baits and residuals. Roaches are attracted to the bait, and will come to where it is placed. When a roach encounters the bait, they will take them back to the nest where it is spread to other roaches. This helps to get rid of the infestation quickly and efficiently.